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Erin Russell LMP (Licensed Massage Practitioner) Nassau, Bahamas. Photo by Drew.

Erin Russell LMP (Licensed Massage Practitioner) Nassau, Bahamas. Photo by Drew.

If calling for an appointment you may also call (Thursday- Monday) the float center. 253-330-8815 (Uncharted Waters Float Center, Charmed Arms is located inside.)

I  like to give back! These are a few charities I will be giving to! First I am getting together items to send to a charity in Haiti. I'm offering a discount on massage for items brought in to send to Haiti. The charity I'm sending the container of goods to runs two clinics in Haiti. I was inspired by a family who moved to Haiti to work in these clinics. Help me fill the container! List of needed goods below. Check out the charity! Real Hope for Haiti find them at

Or if you'd rather give locally Tacoma Rescue Mission is a good charity to donate goods or food to. You can always bring in goods to donate and I will deliver them personally. They are currently asking for donations of Warm Clothing as well as various hygiene products and canned food. (click on warm clothing or hygiene or canned to be taken to a list of needs) Receive $10 off your next massage for donating. They can be found at

I also very much support The Dear Jack Foundation. (click on Dear Jack it is linked to their website.) They are an organization started by Andrew McMahon a singer/ songwriter, who had cancer as a young adult, as a survivor he started a charity that helps adolescents and young adults with cancer. They are starting a new program next year using yoga and meditation to help deal with the stresses of cancer, for both the patients and their caregivers. As someone who knows the benefits of meditation and yoga I am all for this program! 

What I'm About

I firmly believe that massage is beneficial to the overall well being of one's life. Receiving regular bodywork is a much needed break from life's stresses, a way to recover from an injury, tune up after a workout or a general way to relax. Massage is great. You should enjoy your experience! So pressure and target areas are up to you! My goal is to help all that I can enjoy their life more. For some this means that I am working out those chronic aches and pains and for others it means the time they spend on the table they get to forget about all the stress that life brings. My mission is to offer a place for people to come and receive the massage therapy everyone needs! 

List for Donations.

Hand soap –liquid & refills, **Hand sanitizer & refills**, Plastic shower curtains and rings (not clear
or white), Wall clock, Clear packing tape, Duct tape, Clothesline, Big staples for staple gun
HP printer for HP 61 cartridges, HP ink –61 black, 61 tricolor (Meijer’s brand is refilled.  They are good & much
cheaper), Long envelopes, Scissors, Construction paper–multi-color, Sticky tac, Metal frame for file cabinets drawers, 
White-out, Stapler, Paper clips, 

* Items most needed
**Infant formula –soy and milk-based**, Baby wipes, Shorts-newborn to 5T, Diapers –NB, 1, 2, 3, Baby bottles, Spoons, Crib toys
**Canned meat –chicken, roast beef, tuna, salmon**, Trash bags –large, Drink mixes–Kool-Aid, Tang, Crystal Light, and powdered Gatorade, Map of Port au Prince, Velveeta cheese, Cups, tumblers, Plates, Bowls
**Glucose testing strips:TRUE test (Amazon) OR Reli-On PRIME(Walmart)**, Tylenol-suppositories, A&D ointment, Antibiotic ointment, Aspirin 81mg, Zofran pills & IV, Potassium, Urine dipsticks for leucocytes & protein,
Heavy-duty empty spray bottles (for cleaning supplies)

**items will be $10 off (canned meat please purchase more than one can for discount) up to $20 off a massage. Or bring in the receipt and receive up to $20 off.

Help me fill the container! Thanks! Have a Charmed Day!

Background Photo By: Gary.